Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Blog Blunder

Ok, so I have made a huge mistake that I wish I could take back. This use to be a place where I vented, talked and just typed what ever was on my mind. But then i went and added my blog address to my e-mail. NOW, i have no idea who reads it secretly and now i have no place to vent.............

Previous post was deleted, to save myself the aggravation of questions i did not want to answer

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Life happens

Hello Bloggy,
I have not blogged for a while, life has happened and seems to have gotten in the way. Like just as I typed that sentence I had to walk away from the comp for about an hour. Last week we found out that Jason has a mass of some sort in his neck. he went for a CAT scan. We are awaiting the results (excuse me while i go wipe a bottom)..Oh it has been a week since i started this draft, we now know that it is a thyroidal nodule Still needs to be biopsy and surgery of some sort to remove it
..Okay I am back. I have taken on a new responsibility as of late that I am working hard at, yet getting frustrated at the "red tape" of it all. I have through many strange detours become the Communications Team Leader for some missionaries in Canada. They are WONDERFUL people. I have enjoyed learning about them and doing what I can for them. Problem is we do not have a clear direction of how to advertise their Mission for financial support. They are part of our church but (IMHO)not getting enough press. These people are working hard in a tent in the cold to win souls and we are struggling to find approved ways to advertise them. They need support, they DESERVE support, and as the Communications Team Leader, I want to provide it for them. I have a million ideas but the wheels are turning so slow. I know that other people have full time jobs, responsibilities, and families, therefor they help when they can, but I keep getting this overwhelming pull my hair out feeling because I want it to be done NOW! I truly believe in their mission, and I want others to believe in it to......When we think of Canada we never imagine how lost they really are. The statistics which i do not remember right now are astounding of those that are lost and have no spiritual relationship with ANY god, much less than the REAL GOD I worship. Those statistics are just in TORONTO area alone! When Kelly told me the stats I was shocked. Canada? Our next door neighbors? They don't believe in God? Call me stupid, naive, or any other thing you wish. I just did not realize that Canada, our friendly neighbor that we wave to every day, does not have God!

Other than that, I am still working on Pampered Chef. I had a rough few months but I am very positive and excited about it now. I have also taken on some freelance internet work and a few little part time opportunities have been sat in my lap. I applied for a job this week as a Receptionists for a company in Tyler that has a contract for the Army. pays well, but i have to submit a resume by the end of next week. UGH...I can't remember my own name most of the time much less the address of the last place i worked 5 years ago.............I have the experience but not the information.....I am daunted by sitting down to put together a resume. So wish me luck on that one.

The kids are doing well. Maddie was at Sky Ranch this week. That is always an exciting time for her. I would love to get her involved in a few other camps this summer if money permits.
Jax Jax is talking a 1000 words a minute. Sometimes we can make out what he says and most of the time we just smile and say Uh huh, yes, or okay.......He is such a precious little guy.
Macie well, she is up to her usual, singing songs she makes up and getting into everything. Last week we went to lunch and she would not sit still, so i said, "Macie, please sit down or I will have to take you to the bathroom..." Macie sang her next line "I just got back from the bathroom and I spanked myself while I was in there".........

Anyway, I am off to cook lunch for the kids. Maddie comes home tonight and the house still needs to be cleaned. Hopefully things will settle down and I can begin blogging more often again.